Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Britney Spears and Chris Crocker

I was browsing through YouTube last night. I wanted to view Britney Spears' new Womanizer video. I went over the search results, and I watched the Director's Cut version. She really gained weight, didn't she? :) I noticed her thighs in some of the scenes, particularly when she was standing. Hehe But her body looked fit when she was naked and lying down. The song's catchy, by the way, and I guess she did it again this time. Way to go Britney! And oh, the guy in the video is so cute. =)

The reason I wrote about this is not entirely because of Britney's new music video, but also because of Chris Crocker, Britney's fan. Remember him? hehe Every person is entitled to his/her opinion, and it's a free country, so let him be... :D If you haven't seen his video - the video which possibly ranked No.1 in YouTube's most viewed videos in September 2007 (10,042,520 views as of today) - here it is:

Britney's Fan Crying

And I probably am very late with this... but I discovered the following video uploaded on September 13, 2007 by NatLamp (NationalLampoon.com), just this morning... hehe Am I the only person on earth who don't know about this? I don't really spend so much time on YouTube, so it's not surprising. :) This video was a response to Chris Crocker's video. I just have to share it! =D If you haven't seen this yet, enjoy! It's got 3,527,683 views so far... so maybe, about 6,514,837 people who viewed the Britney Fan Crying video didn't view this yet. hehe

LEAVE CHRIS CROCKER ALONE! Britney Spears Responds

On a serious note, we're all humans, and we must respect one another. :) I included these videos in my blog not to humiliate them further, or anything. Hehe They made their videos available in public anyways, so it was their choice. I am not a die-hard Britney fan, nor a Britney-hater, but I respect her as a person, living her own life trying to express her creativity through music. Believe it or not, I respect Chris' sentiments, too. I don't know him, and I haven't seen other videos of him. True, he might have done that for publicity, but it may also be a real outburst... Who knows, he might be a super emotional guy. We can't blame him for what he feels. NatLamp, on the other hand, appears to be making funny videos for a living, so that's their calling. :) hehe They want to make people laugh. We're humans. We act, we feel, we see, we observe, we reflect, we criticize, we understand, we ignore, we respect. It's all a choice, really. :)


@_raj said...

hey!. I never saw something like this.. A crying fan and then the response, it all looked so funny. The best part I liked about this post is that you brought the two gr8 :) videos together. Nice post.

wen said...

Hehe Thanks very much, raj! :) So I guess there's two of us left on earth who haven't seen these yet. hehe I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! =)