Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Phone Is Dying

The Nokia N80. I've had this phone since January of 2006. By the time I bought it, it was the latest in the N-series, and it used to costs a lot (i paid around $565). But I guess it's nearing it's death now, and it's price have depreciated big time. =/

Days ago, the earpiece failed to work; I couldn't hear the callers, I had to plug in a headset. Nobody knows what triggered the 'disability'. Last night, the display started to fade away. Whenever I slide open/close my phone, the display or screen turns white, and fortunately comes back after a few seconds. But I know the display would eventually die out.

I guess it has something to do with the flex - the insulated wires in between the two parts. I'd have to have it repaired soon, or I'd probably need to buy a new phone. And this time, I think I might just go for the box-type designs, no more slide-up/slide-down/clam shell/rotary or whatsoever designs for me. *sigh* and it's not even on the budget.

On the brighter side, it has been 3 years (almost), and it did serve me well.

Update: (10/24/08) I had my phone repaired. Yup, the flex was the culprit for everything. I had it replaced, paid around $20 for the flex and service cost, and now it's A-okay!! :D

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Outsider said...

That's why I hate those "hip" phones. They don't worth a single penny. You would end up disappointed in time.

Look at me, I'm happy with my throw-away blackberry. I bought this phone on a fire sale for only 50 bucks and it does the job for me.

Thanks for adding me up in blogcatalog. -Lee Andrew

wen said...

You're welcome, Andrew! :) Your response is my first-ever comment. hehe thank you very much!

The Blackberry's a popular phone, right? From what I heard,it's also a smartphone... 50 bucks is a good deal!

Anonymous said...

Hi wen, your interesting and good blog
I use Nokia N95 and HTC in the every day life :)

xgenesis007 said...

My sony ericsson still works for me though it looks a little old but everything is working. By the way its 4 years old already. Very durable.

wen said...

Thanks, allforblue! :) Comments like those inspire me. Hehe The N95 came months after the N80, right? So it's more powerful. ;)

Hi xgenesis! Wow.. 4 years.. Yup, I heard motorola and sony ericsson are very durable. Before I bought the N80, P990i was also an option. In the end, it was down to those two... but the N80 won. hehe P9's too big for me. SE's got a lot of models, it's hard to keep track. =) But I know they have cool features, too!