Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Salivating Effect of Space Burgers

I've been craving for Space Burgers since Tuesday, and I'm very happy I'm getting my hands (and mouth) on one tonight! I might even eat two. haha

Space Burgers are flame grilled, err, burgers.. that smell sooo good, and tastes sooo good! One bite will keep you asking for more. There are different kinds.. but I like the one with tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, bacon.. uhh.. yah, just put everything in it.

It's definitely the best burger in town!

It could easily be mistaken for the SpaceBurgers company in Florida, though. I was browsing the net earlier, in search of their website, but I didn't find one. I saw a SpaceBurgers site that's Florida-based instead, and it said it isn't a franchise organization. So it's not the same company.

Anyway, I'm eating one tonight. Ha! I'm sooo looking forward to it. =)

Photo courtesy of bonkaris.

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