Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New York-style Pizza Experience

Pizza - one of the most wonderful things ever made. =D I'd eat pizza any day! :) If you wanna know what my favorite is, I couldn't give you a straight answer. I'd honestly have a hard time choosing! Each pizza restaurant has it's own amazing specialty - and I have my own personal favorite on each one. Today, I craved for Yellow Cab Pizza. My favorite from their menu? The New York's Finest.

I was with my brother this afternoon. We went to the mall to have my mobile phone fixed at the Nokia Care Center. (If you haven't read the story about my phone's near-death-experience yet, please click here.) The service man told us to come back after 3 hours, and my phone will be all set by then. So while waiting, we roamed around and did some window shopping... and headed to Yellow Cab! Guess what? We ordered the 18" New York's Finest Pizza. Yup! And there were just the two of us. haha For comparison, seated on another table, was a family of three (mom, dad, and a child). They ordered the 14" size... :) The 10" size is good for 2-3 persons. The 14" size is good for 3-4. The 18" is probably good for 5-6 people. haha We didn't finish everything off, obviously. I only ate 2 slices and a half (if I remember it correctly). My brother ate 5 slices and a half. haha We brought the rest home (there were 4 slices left), for our mom, dad and two for our sister. We were soo full! And very thirsty! At the end of the day, my phone's back to it's normal working condition, and we realized we just gained more calories than what we've lost in the gym these past few days! ^^ Good thing we can eat a lot without worrying too much on becoming fat. Maybe it's a genetic thing...

Do you like pizza? What's your favorite? :)

Photo of Yellow Cab Pizza Box on top, courtesy of Gita Asuncion


gerimox said...

"Good thing we can eat a lot without worrying too much on becoming fat."
U have no idea how lucky you are!
ps:I love pizza too :)

wen said...

haha thanks, gerimox! =D it's probably due to a faster metabolism. but i'm sure we'd get really fat (and unhealthy) if we'll eat yellow cab's 18" pizza everyday. hehe :)