Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Print or Not to Print - The Latter's Not An Option

I was giving my sister's boyfriend a big favor last night. The two of them are currently on vacation, and won't be back until the 28th. They're both taking MBA, and my sister's bf needs to submit a paper today. But since they're currently miles away from here, he sent me the file through email, and asked me to print everything - all 51 pages! =O Moreover, I had to give the document to his secretary the following day (that's this morning), so the secretary could hand it over to the university instructor.

51 pages... having to wake up real early in the morning... these two I could handle. But the thought of printing everything using my printer, with it's newly-bought ink - that's what drives me crazy. When my sister and I agreed to share my printer for her thesis, she volunteered to buy the ink.
I'm using the Epson C45 Printer - it's not the high-end type, but it works. hehe I've had it since... *I can't remember*... and ever since I bought it, I've always used original Epson ink cartridges. I don't do refill, and I don't use replacements. When my sister used it... Yup! You guessed it right. She bought a replacement. She said, the original ones weren't available, so they bought those cheap ones. And the ink smellsssssss!! Whenever we print things, we have to air out the room so we could breathe. =/ And I heard replacements or refilled cartridges can very well trigger technical problems. Bottom line is, take it from me, don't buy replacements. It's for your printer's health, and yours.

P.S. I managed to print everything, and I came out alive. :)

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